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In this text we will show you how to delete order history from Flipkart, the whole thing you order on Flipkart is saved to your order records. You could even discover the oldest orders in your order history.

Sometimes we wish we could delete some orders from our order history or perhaps clear the entire records but Flipkart has no such option.

Flipkart no longer allows users to delete or modify the order history. In contrast to the other e-trade massive Amazon, Flipkart no longer offers users the option to archive orders. Archiving the orders approach to hide it from the default order records with a view to no longer be visible.

You may get entry to the archived by means of going to the archived folder. Flipkart does permit its users to delete orders due to the fact the order history plays an important position in positive conditions.

It acts as a reference to your future lawsuits because the order history carries all of the information about the order such as date of buy, rate, charge mode, and many others. If you are having court cases about some order, you could take your order history as proof.

Order history may be very useful when you need to claim assurance for your product because you may effortlessly download the invoice for your product from the records.

It’s miles impossible to delete the hunt history from the app but it is able to be possible that Flipkart deletes your order history in your special request, you may try to touch Flipkart and give an explanation for your situation, there are instances whilst the organization personally resolves person’s issues.

In this article, we are able to show you how to remedy this trouble by means of contacting customer support. It isn’t sure that your order records will be deleted by means of contacting customer support however you could nevertheless provide it a strive. Let’s see how you could contact the customer service.

Step By Step Guide On How To Delete Order History From Flipkart

Log In to Your Flipkart Account: 

Open your net browser and go to Flipkart’s official internet site (www.Flipkart.Com). Log in to your Flipkart account the usage of your e-mail and password.

Access Account Settings: 

Once logged in, search for an account settings or profile icon. It’s generally positioned within the upper right-hand corner of the website. Click on this icon to get admission to your account settings.

Navigate to Order History: 

Inside your account settings, search for an option associated with your orders or buy history. It is probably classified as “Order records,” “purchase history,” “My Orders,” or something comparable. Click on this feature to access your order records.

Contact Customer Support: 

In case you can not discover a function to delete your order history in your account settings, the first-rate direction of action could be to reach out to Flipkart’s customer service. You can generally discover a “Contact Us” or “customer support” choice on the Flipkart website or app. Click on this selection to get in touch with their assist group.

Inquire About Order History Deletion: 

When you’re in contact with a Flipkart support representative, inquire about the possibility of deleting your order history. Explain your request and ask if they can assist you in removing your order history from their system.

Follow Support Instructions: 

If Flipkart’s customer support can assist with your request, follow their instructions and provide any information they require to verify your identity or complete the process.

Please be aware that it is feasible that Flipkart has delivered a feature to delete order records due to the fact that my ultimate replacement will be in 2021, or they will have modified their regulations. In the event that they have, the customer support group should be capable of offering you the maximum correct and updated data.

Always do not forget to return any critical statistics earlier than attempting to delete them, as this procedure won’t be reversible, and you can lose get right of entry to to treasured information associated with your beyond purchases.

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