Ducky Bhai’s Wife Aroob Jatoi Leaked Video! Deep Fake Video Viral – Aroob Jatoi Ai Viral Video?

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Ducky Bhai’s Wife Aroob

Ducky Bhai's Wife Aroob Jatoi Leaked Video! Deep Fake Video Viral - Aroob Jatoi Ai Viral Video?

Ducky Bhai, also called Saad Rehman, is a famous YouTuber in Pakistan. He has lots of fans who watch his videos. Ducky’s wife, Aroob Jatoi, is also popular on social media.

But, something bad happened. A fake video of Aroob was shared online. It wasn’t real, but people thought it was. This made Ducky and Aroob upset.

Ducky took quick action to stop the video. Aroob also talked about it, telling others to be careful online. They got scary messages because of the fake video.

Ducky said he’d give a big prize to anyone who helped find the person who made the fake video. They want to stop this kind of thing from happening again.

Aroob Jatoi breaks silence on viral deep fake video

Aroob Jatoi, the wife of YouTuber Ducky Bhai, has addressed the concerning situation regarding the viral deepfake video on social media platforms X and Twitter.

In her video message, Aroob Jatoi emphasizes the importance of privacy and safety for women on social media channels.

Ducky Bhai's Wife Aroob Jatoi Leaked Video! Deep Fake Video Viral - Aroob Jatoi Ai Viral Video?

The use of deepfake technology to create fake videos puts individuals at risk of compromising situations and violates their privacy.

Aroob Jatoi urges justice against perpetrators who spread fake videos, highlighting the need for credible information and the original link to the video.

She commits to ensuring the safety and security of victims affected by such incidents, advocating for stricter measures against the misuse of artificial intelligence.

A deep fake video of Ducky Bhai’s wife Aroob Jatoi goes viral

The deepfake video of Aroob Jatoi, Ducky Bhai’s wife, went viral. Social media users, celebrities, and the internet were in concern. Saadur Rehman, a YouTuber, addressed the issue. AI tools aided in the frenzy.

Ducky Bhai's Wife Aroob Jatoi Leaked Video! Deep Fake Video Viral - Aroob Jatoi Ai Viral Video?

The violation of Aroob Jatoi’s dignity sparked vigilance. Cybercrime in AI tools has become a phenomenon. The public help is crucial in such scandals. Top searches on platforms added to the dismay.

The roasting and gaming channels discussed the personal life violation. Aroob Jatoi’s vlogs faced scrutiny. Social media users united against deepfake videos. Aroob Jatoi AI viral video raised alarms.

Ducky Bhai Viral Video Aroob Jatoi

In the recent viral video featuring Ducky Bhai and Aroob Jatoi, a significant amount of attention has been drawn. The public’s interest is piqued, and there’s a rush for information and identification.

Ducky Bhai, a prominent figure, is offering a substantial Rs10lac reward for any leads on the perpetrator behind the leak. Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) officials are taking swift action to address the matter.

The dissemination of fake content is concerning. Individuals must exercise caution in consuming and sharing online content.

Ducky Bhai

Ducky Bhai, also known as Saad Ur Rehman, is a popular Pakistani YouTuber. He is known for his comedic content, reactions, and commentary on social issues. With his humorous videos, he has garnered fame on YouTube and other social media platforms. Ducky Bhai often creates controversial videos where he indulges in roasting other content creators.

Despite this, he has a loyal fan base who enjoy his entertaining and sometimes controversial content. Besides his comedic content, Ducky Bhai also delves into gaming content, catering to a wide audience on the internet.

Who is Aroob Jatoi?

Aroob Jatoi is an internet personality, known for her engaging lifestyle content.

She is the wife of Ducky Bhai, sharing glimpses of their marriage and family life through vlogs.

Aroob Jatoi’s Instagram account, aroob_jatoi, boasts a large following, drawn to her travel adventures and daily updates.

Sham Idris breaks silence on Ducky Bhai’s wife Aroob Jatoi’s deep fake video

Sham Idris, a YouTuber, addressed the conflict surrounding Ducky Bhai’s wife, Aroob Jatoi’s viral video. He shared his personal experience with privacy violations and criticism. Sham Idris spoke against the mockery and trolling on social media. Despite the bitter memories, he emphasized prayers and consequences for those involved. 

The deep fake video stirred backlash, violating Aroob Jatoi’s privacy. Sham Idris condemned the hypocrisy and called for the identification of those responsible. He urged for respect and support, highlighting the pain it caused. Almighty Allah’s guidance was sought amidst the feud and its consequences. 

During the turmoil, Sham Idris emphasized social media influencer’s responsibility. He advocated for unity and empathy, condemning the reward of such actions. Froggy, Ducky Bhai’s wife, was at the center of this controversy.

Saad Ur Rehman Biography

  • Date of Birth: Dec 21, 1997
  •  Age: 27 Years
  •  Birth Place: Lahore, Pakistan
  •  Residence: Karachi, Pakistan
  •  Country: Pakistan
  •  Profession: YouTuber
  •  Education: High School Studies at Bahria Town School
  •  Father: Japanese
  •  Mother: (will update soon)
  •  Nationality: Pakistani
  •  Siblings: Muneeb
  •  Brother: Muneeb
  •  Religion: Islam
  •  Spouse: Aroob Jatoi
  •  Horoscope: Sagittarius
  •  Weight: 77
  •  Height: 5 feet 6 inches
  •  Net Worth: $225K – $1.35M from Youtube channel
  •  Category: YouTubers


How much does Ducky Bhai earn?

Sources of income: YouTube: Ducky Bhai’s primary source of income is YouTube advertising revenue. Based on his channel statistics and estimated CPM (cost per thousand impressions), his monthly YouTube earnings could be between $2,800 and $28,000

What is the monthly income of Ducky Bhai?

The income of Ducky Bhai is $ 69K.

How many video views does Ducky Bhai have?

Ducky Bhai has 1,412,632,951 video views.

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