New Mexico State VS Louisiana Tech Prediction ESPN

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New Mexico State VS Louisiana Tech Prediction ESPN

Discover professional predictions for the forthcoming Louisiana Tech vs. New Mexico State game. See who ESPN analysts favor to win and why.

In the big New Mexico State vs. Louisiana Tech game on ESPN, experts think New Mexico State will win. Injuries and playing at home might change the game. 

Louisiana Tech’s record and how they play are important for experts to think about. When the game gets closer, guesses about how good each team is will turn into predictions.

The date of the game is significant for both teams. ESPN’s experts will closely examine the teams to make their guesses. When the game happens, it also changes who wins.

When is New Mexico State vs. Louisiana Tech and when does it start?

On the 24th of October the year 2023, New Mexico State and Louisiana Tech will play. In Louisiana, at Joe Aillet Stadium, there’s a major game.

The match starts at 11:00 p.m. PST. Despite being the underdog, New Mexico State is focused on winning.

Louisiana Tech is strong, but anything can happen. Both teams want to win this regular season game.

Recall the date and watch the Aggies versus the Bulldogs showdown.

Where to Watch New Mexico State vs. Louisiana Tech

The game between New Mexico State and Louisiana Tech was on October 24th, 2023. New Mexico State won 27-24.

It was a college football game in the regular season. You might find game highlights on YouTube or sports news sites.

For future games, check social media or official websites for schedules and where to watch.


Louisiana Tech Bulldogs Football Upcoming Schedule (as of April 2, 2024)

DateOpponentLocationTime (EDT)
Sat Aug 31Nicholls ColonelsJoe Aillet Stadium12:00
Sat Sep 14at NC State WolfpackCarter-Finley Stadium12:00
Sat Sep 21Tulsa Golden HurricaneJoe Aillet Stadium12:00
Sat Sep 28at FIU PanthersFIU Football Stadium12:00
Thu Oct 10Middle Tennessee Blue RaidersJoe Aillet Stadium12:00

New Mexico State Aggies Upcoming Football Schedule (as of April 2, 2024)

DateOpponentLocationTime (MT)
August 31, 2024Southeast Missouri State RedhawksAggie Memorial StadiumMIDNIGHT PST
September 14, 2024at Fresno State BulldogsValley Children’s StadiumMIDNIGHT PST
September 28, 2024New Mexico LobosAggie Memorial StadiumMIDNIGHT PST

How to Watch Louisiana Tech vs. New Mexico State on TV or Live Stream

To watch Louisiana Tech play New Mexico State basketball:

1. On TV, use ESPN or CBS.

2. For online, go to YouTube or team sites.

3. See schedules, highlights, and scores on or Twitter.

4. Find ESPN and CBS channel numbers on your TV provider’s site.

5. Follow the game’s hashtag on social media.

Louisiana Tech Betting Records & Stats

Louisiana Tech isn’t doing great in games or bets. They’ve won only 3 out of 12 games. They didn’t surprise anyone much and didn’t cover the spread either. Sometimes they score more than expected. But mostly they score less or just the same.

Their players and team aren’t doing too well. They don’t score many points, only around 274 yards by passing. Their running isn’t better, only about 124 yards per game. 

They also don’t pressure the other team’s quarterback much, with only 16 sacks all season. Overall, Louisiana Tech needs to get better before you bet on them.

What is New Mexico State’s record in football?

New Mexico State’s football team in college is in Conference USA. They win some games and lose some. They also tie sometimes. This shows they like to compete. They get ranked nationally and play in bowl games. This makes people notice them.

Fans see exciting times and help the team grow. They are doing well and gaining more fans.

New Mexico State Aggies vs. Louisiana Tech Bulldogs Game Preview

New Mexico State Stats, Odds & Insights

The New Mexico State basketball team scores fewer points. They make 68.1 each game. But they let opponents score 72.0. They are not winning by much. At home, they score more than away.

They don’t shoot many three-pointers. Only 6.3 per game. Opponents shoot 7.2.

In the last ten games, they score less. Only 64.5 points. Normally, they score 68.1 points.

Louisiana Tech Stats, Odds & Insights

Louisiana Tech scores lots of points, 74.7 per game. They are good at shooting. They score more points at home. But less when they play away. They win games by 11.3 points on average. 

They make many three-pointers, 7.3 each game. That’s more than their opponents. They are not so good in the last 10 games. They score fewer points than usual.

Louisiana Tech Home & Away Comparison

When Louisiana Tech plays, they score lots. They’re good at shooting far shots. They do this a lot, no matter where they play. They’re good at it all season long.

They’re good at scoring in games, no matter where. They’re good at shooting far shots too, even away from home. They’re good at it all the time.

Whether they play at home or away, they’re good at scoring. They wear jerseys from Fanatics. Fans see them score lots, whether at home or away. Louisiana Tech is great at scoring, no matter where they play.

Louisiana Tech vs. New Mexico State Game Info

Louisiana Tech and New Mexico State are playing football soon. The Bulldogs play at Joe Aillet Stadium. New Mexico State wants to end their losing streak. 

Hank Bachmeier, Louisiana Tech’s quarterback, wants to keep winning. The Bulldogs might win the game. Keep an eye on sports sites for updates. 

This game is hosted by Conference USA. Louisiana Tech usually does well against New Mexico State.


Is Louisiana Tech a good football team?

Louisiana Tech’s football team is really good. They’ve won lots of championships. That’s like winning big competitions. They’ve won 25 times! Sometimes they won all by themselves, and other times they shared the win with another team. They won 2 Louisiana Intercollegiate Athletic Association championships, 3 Louisiana Intercollegiate championships, 10 Gulf States championships, 8 Southland championships, and 2 WAC championships.

What is the big event at LA Tech?

The Big Event helps LA Tech and Ruston. 1,500 students help with community services at Joe Aillet Stadium.

What conference is New Mexico State?

New Mexico State’s football went solo again in 2018. Later, on November 5, 2021, they said they’re joining Conference USA for all sports in 2023.

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