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INTRO How to track mobile number

It is very important for you to understand that tracking mobile numbers is a difficult process, and in some countries, it is illegal unless you have all the data to prove it. Since the number you want to track is unavailable, you can only track it once it is yours. In this regard, you should contact the service center with the desired number (sim), and by providing the required data to the operator of the service center, you will also get sufficient guidance regarding tracking the number.

Check number location

If you want to find the location of a lost or stolen SIM, you can use various methods. Nowadays, some online websites also provide this facility,

1. Contact the concerned department

The first thing you should do to find the location of your lost or stolen number is to contact the relevant law enforcement agency, as they can better guide you in locating it.

2. Help with other phones

To check the location of your number, you can find your phone location by going to the Find My Device option on another phone.

3. Third-party or online services

Regarding the number of locations, there are some online apps that provide online services in this regard, some free apps, and some paid apps. Like Family Locator.

4. Parents help tracker

Earlier in this number finder article, there was an interesting app for parents that could help find the location of their children’s numbers. It shows the location of the child’s number on your parent’s number.

How can I find my lost phone?

If your phone is lost, then first of all, find your lost phone in the same place where you are. Sometimes it happens that you put your phone somewhere during a conversation, so you forget it first.

Use another device

Call or text a friend’s phone near you to find your lost phone.

Help with the phone feature

To locate your lost phone, the phone has a find my device option, which is already active on the phone. If the Find My Device option was active on your lost phone, you can go to the option on another phone. You can see the location of your phone.

Silence your lost phone

 If the lost phone is in silent mode, then if you call from another phone to find the phone, you will not be able to find the phone. With the help of the Find My Device app, Ring Tune will sound even on the phone in silent mode.

How can I track my lost phone?

Contact the service centre

Contact your mobile service provider for help in locating your own device or a family member’s phone, and provide relevant data.

Find my device/ios/iPad

To find the location of a lost phone, some apps are also used. In Android phones, this app is called FIND MY DEVICE, while in Apple it is called IOS, and in i Phones, it is called iPad.

How to locate a lost phone

Google Map

You can also use Google Maps to locate your lost phone, in which case it must have GPS service on the lost phone.

IMEI number

Using your IMEI number can help you find a lost phone, but if you cannot find your phone by yourself with the help of an IMEI number, you have to get help from the police. From the data of more than one tower, the police estimate the location of the many towers.

Phone number details with photo

The details of the phone number and the picture of the consumer are available with the concerned institution, If you register your IMEI number with the police in case of a lost phone, then if the police recover your phone as a result of possible action, then it becomes easier for the police to identify the intended user.


  • If your phone is stolen, immediately contact your bank’s service center and temporarily close your online banking account.
  • Go to your nearest franchise centre and get a SIM with your same number so that the lost SIM is blocked.
  • Write a report at the concerned police station by entering the IMEI number so that if someone misuses your lost phone, you will be safe, and the police can hand it over to you if your phone is found as a result of possible action.

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