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Zev Technologies


Zev Technologies is a top maker in guns. They make cool parts for Glock and AR guns. Zev makes shooters happy with good stuff. They began small but now they’re big.

Zev’s parts are top for Glocks and ARs. They look nice and work well. Zev cares about how guns feel to use.

They’re great at making custom guns. Zev’s guns are new and good. Shooters love Zev for good guns.

Zev rocks in making guns great. They care a lot about making stuff great for you. If you want cool Glock or AR parts, go to Zev.

History of Zev Technologies

In 2005, Zev Tech started in a small room. Alec Wolf had big dreams. Zev Tech grew and became trusted. They always make great stuff.

Zev Tech cares about making things better. They keep getting better every day. Zev Tech is the best at gun parts.

For people who use guns, Zev Tech is great. They make triggers that work well. Zev Tech makes guns better.

Zev Tech makes parts for all kinds of guns. Pros trust Zev Tech to make their guns special.

Zev Tech works hard and wins awards. Their office shows how good they are.

Zev Technologies Product Line

Zev Technologies makes guns, parts, and stuff for pistols. They’ve got cool things like triggers and slides. 

Their Citadel Slides make a super good gun for competitions. Quick reloads with mag wells are a big plus. 

For people who compete or need to defend themselves, Zev’s stuff makes guns work better. They make things for people who like guns and want them to work awesome. 

Zev Technologies is famous for making top-notch gun stuff for people who love guns.

Benefits of Using Zev Technologies                                                                                                                                     

Zev Tech makes guns better. Their parts help you aim better. They use strong stuff for lighter guns. It’s comfy and lets you shoot faster.

Zev tries parts a lot to make sure they work. You’ll feel safe with their guns. Whether you’re a pro or just for fun, Zev makes shooting cool.

Their stuff makes guns kick less and hit closer. Zev guns last long and never fail.

How to Choose the Right Zev Technologies Product                                                                                     

When picking Zev stuff, think about what you need for shooting. Find out if you want better performance for contests or more comfy use every day. Key things to consider are triggers for fast shots and comfy upgrades like grip textures.

Customizing your gun is important, especially for Glocks. Make sure it fits your Glock model, like G19 or G43X. Parts like a light trigger and barrel can help. Also, look at cool designs and colors to make your gun yours.

Money matters; Zev stuff is good but can cost more. Pick what fits your budget and what you like. Make sure the parts match what you need for shooting.

And if you need help, Zev is there for you. Ask them if you have questions.


Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Customer reviews tell us about Zev Tech’s great parts for guns. People say they make guns more accurate and easier to shoot. They like how well-made the guns are.

Compared to others, Zev guns are seen as the best. People love how well they work. Adding upgrades might be hard for some. But the good quality of Zev’s stuff makes it worth it.

Zev’s guns are as good as regular ones. Reviews help people decide what to buy. Most people are happy with Zev. It’s a great choice for gun fans.

Customization Services at Zev Technologies

Zev Technologies can change your gun to be just how you want. They help both people who shoot for fun and those who compete. You can make your weapon special with their help. They’re good at this. They work on lots of parts like triggers and slides. They make sure everything is just right.

Make your gun fit you better with new parts. They make sure your gun works the same each time. They make it easier to hold and aim. Zev’s changes ensure your gun looks and works the way you like.

You can pick from lots of cool options. Zev is the best at this kind of stuff. They don’t just work on guns. They can change lots of things. They’re good at making things just how you want.

Where to Buy Zev Technologies Products with Confidence

If you want to buy Zev Technologies stuff without worries, choose the right shops. They must be authorized and well-known. Look at their site and social pages.

Go for shops in the industry for a long with smart workers. They can help with questions. Online shops are easy but be careful of fake places.

Find shops with a good history and happy customers. Check packages for signs of fake stuff. Do lots of research to get the best things.

Maintenance and Care

Zev makes stuff last with care. Keeping up means things work well and last long. Doing it right makes your stuff good for a long time.


Doing the best stuff helps your stuff last. Our help makes your things work great. Good ways are cleaning and storing well.


Zev Tech makes cool stuff for guns. They make triggers, slides, and grips. These things make guns work better. You can buy them if you want your gun to be better. 

They focus on AR guns, pistols, and rifles. Their stuff costs more because it’s really good. People buy Zev’s things to make their guns awesome. 

Some guns come with okay parts. But Zev’s parts make them super good. They’re the best in the gun world. 

Zev makes guns better for people who love guns. They care about making guns awesome. Whether you want accuracy, performance, or custom stuff, Zev has it all.


Who is the owner of ZEV Technologies? 

Alec Wolf started ZEV Technologies. He is also the boss there. He made the company and led it.

Where are ZEV guns made?

ZEV guns are made in Centralia WA. They design and build AR Rifles there.

Is ZEV a Glock?

ZEV makes Glocks better. Many people like pros, shooters, and regular gun owners use ZEV. They have something for all types of uses.

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