How Long Does It Take To Golf 9 Holes & What Affects Times

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How Long Does It Take To Golf 9 Holes

How long does it take to play 9 holes of golf?

When golfers tee off on a nine-hole course, the duration varies. Factors influencing time include the number of players, their playing style, and delays. A twosome or solo golfer might finish quicker than a foursome. Players can enhance their pace by searching for lost balls efficiently.

The outing becomes an adventure, with each shot adding to the experience. Golfers can enhance their pace by relaxing and adopting a leisurely approach. Waiting times at each hole affect the overall duration. Managing the pace of play is essential for an enjoyable game.

Using a cart can speed up the game, reducing the time between holes. However, walking the course provides exercise and a more immersive experience. The number of shots taken impacts the duration significantly. Efficient putting can shorten the time spent on each hole.

Things You Should Know

When you go to play golf, different people have different skills. Many groups might play, making it exciting. Some courses are harder, which can make the game slower and less fun.

Playing 9 holes takes about two hours. But it might take longer if the course is hard or if there are many players. You’ll have a relaxed time on the green.

Picking who you play with changes how fast and fun the game is. Think about skill levels for a fair game. Going slower can make it less intense and give you more time to enjoy the course.

Average Play Time for 9 Holes

1 ½–2 hours for 1 player

Thinking about how long it takes to play 9 holes, things like how good you are and how fast you go matter. Usually, it takes a few hours for most people, which is great after a long work day.

Golf cars help groups move fast to the next hole, following the rules for how fast you should go. But if a group takes too long on one hole, it can slow down other groups.

To keep things going smoothly, players should finish each hole in a good amount of time. This way, everyone has fun playing golf.

Factors that Affect PlayTime

Player skill level

  • How good you are at swinging, hitting, and aiming.
  • Practice at the range and putting a spot makes you better.
  • Coaches at the clubhouse help you learn.
  • If you’ve played a lot, you play faster.
  • If you putt well, you finish holes quicker.
  • Using the right moves means fewer tries to hit the ball.
  • Practicing at the range makes you better.
  • Getting good at putting makes you play better.
  • Coaches help you get better faster.

Other players on the course

When nobody is playing in front, you can go to the next hole. On busy days, you might have to wait for others to finish before starting. If you’re in a big group, let smaller, faster groups pass. This keeps everyone moving smoothly.

Walking the course

Most golf places give you cars to zip around, but you can walk too for exercise. Walking makes your game longer, around 15–30 minutes more. But it can change depending on how good you hit.

Playing Golf Faster

Course size

If you play on a par-3 course, your game is shorter. It’s about 20-30 minutes less than usual. But if it’s a par-4 or par-5, it takes a bit longer. This is because they have longer fairways. 

Playing a large slang course (more than 7,000 yards) can take up to two and a half hours.

Course difficulty

If the course has lots of water or sand, it’s harder. You might lose your ball or get stuck. When this happens, it takes more time to play because you try to get back on track.

Bad weather

When bad weather like storms comes, golf courses will pause your game for safety. If lightning flashes and thunder booms close, they stop your game. Wait 30 minutes after the last lightning bolt before you can play again. Always check the weather before going to play golf. Make sure there’s no chance of rain, strong winds, or other bad weather.

Playing Golf Faster

Create a 20-second time limit for all players.

When it’s your turn to play golf, set a timer for 20 seconds. This goes for everyone, even if you’re playing alone. Use this time to choose your club and take a practice swing. The game moves faster when everyone acts quickly.

Drive golf carts if they’re available.

Want to drive golf carts when you play? Ask the person at the clubhouse to rent one. It can save time and costs $10–20. When driving, stick to paths and avoid the green.

Follow the “buddy system” if you use a golf cart.

Instead of sitting in the golf cart while your friend or someone in your group takes a turn, walk to your ball (bring a few clubs). Then, hit your ball when it’s your turn and wait for your friend to come drive over and get you.

Or, drive the golf cart to your ball while your friend or someone in your group takes their turn. After you hit the ball, drive back to them and pick them up.

Try “Ready Golf” if you have multiple players.

When you play golf with many players, try “Ready Golf.” Normally, the farthest person shoots first. But this can be slow. After hitting, quickly find your ball and swing when ready. Don’t wait for others to find their ball. Before swinging, check no one’s in the way. If the ball hits someone, shout “Fore!” so they know.

History of 9 holes and 18 holes

Instead of waiting for the person farthest from the hole to shoot first, everyone plays as soon as they’re ready. After hitting the ball, quickly find it and take your next swing. 

Before you swing, check that nobody is in front of you to avoid hitting them. If the ball hits someone, shout “Fore!” to warn them. Ready Golf helps everyone play faster and safer.


How many hours does it take to play nine holes of golf?

Some people take less time. Experienced golfers take about 2 hours. New players might take 3 hours.

How many points are 9 holes of golf?

When some folks play golf, they just do 9 holes instead of 18. On those 9 holes, the regular target score is 36. That means there are different kinds of holes: some are easy, some are medium, and some are hard. A pretty good score for most players might be between 37 and 45. But if you’re really good, you might score close to 36 or even less.

How many golf balls do you need for 9 holes?

Let’s do some fast math! If a regular golfer loses two balls each game, and you lose them more often, you’ll need 9 balls. You probably won’t need over 12.

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